Drastic improvements in crop production

Improving Arizona’s Soil

Due to our unique environment, Arizona soils are typically plagued by high alkalinity and sodium content. In farming applications, this problem is compounded by the use of manure (which is high in alkalinity and sodium as well) as the primary source of organic nitrogen. Research shows that our soil amendment has a reduced sodium content, low alkalinity, and a neutral pH. This helps mitigate soils’ baseline high salt content and alkalinity, improving cropland fertility.

We use only natural material sources to produce an organic nutrient source for crops. CTS protects the value of these nutrients, by minimally processing the product and restricting complete decomposition prior to applying the amendment. Our applied top soil composting method allows the product to retain greater amounts of the organic material’s naturally present nitrogen and provide a natural source of carbon. The added carbon increases microbial activity in treated soils and improves water retention.

The improved structure of soils treated with our product result in decreased water use and reduced need for synthetic fertilizers. Over time, this significantly decreases the carbon footprint of commercial farming operations and improves the viability of responsible low-till farming practices.