100% Recycled Useable Organic Substances

From green waste to green crops

CTS Greenwaste Recycling is a new type of responsible farming operation based in south Chandler, devoted to bringing our traditional agricultural heritage into the modern era of environmental stewardship and protecting the local ecology.

To meet this goal, we have created the sustainable CTS Greenwaste product, which contains 100% recycled useable organic substances and serves as a soil amendment to augment commercial agricultural and farming operations with huge quality, financial, and environmental benefits.

Our product improves crop yield, keeps local waste out of the landfill, reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, and creates a valuable carbon offset.

CTS has invested in more than a decade of extensive research and development efforts which demonstrate that the widespread use of the CTS Greenwaste product can potentially improve soil structure, decrease the use of synthetic petrochemically derived fertilizer, reduce water usage, and increase the sustainability of agriculture throughout Arizona and other resource-sensitive environments.

The CTS Greenwaste product enhances cropland for hay and feed for commercial cattle and dairy operations, making the responsible use of natural resources possible and supporting the local grown economy.

Learn more about our process and benefits here.