CTS recycles over 99% of all material
back into farming.


CTS Greenwaste offers a variety of benefits for the community, agricultural businesses, and the environment:

  • Local grown: Our entire operation is local from R&D and management operations to our input sources, production, and final output.
  • Environmentally sustainable: Our inputs are drawn from organic sources and recycled back into the earth as a nutrient source for crops, creating a carbon offset.

This product can be integrated into commercial farming operations, without impacting certified organic operation requirements, allowing sustainable practices to be applied on a greater scale.

This process reduces fossil fuel consumption by utilizing an organic nutrient source, which reduces the need for petroleum-derived synthetic fertilizer.

  • Improved cropland results: Fields treated with our soil amendment have seen an increase in plant growth and vigor, as well as decreased water usage.

The CTS Greenwaste product increases the amount of available nitrogen in the soil, reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizer needed.

Our product offers an ideal nutrient replacement solution for soils robbed of their organic composition by Arizona’s unusually high temperatures.

  • CTS is a uniquely sustainable business operation: The sustainability of existing composting methods is limited in several ways: the market for the final product is saturated and only a portion of waste is fit for the retail market. As a result, composting operations that sell their product directly to the consumer can only use a percentage of the material they take in and are often unable to find a use for a large portion of the end product, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Breaking this system, CTS avoids waste by recycling over 99% of all input material back into farming, which generates a completely renewable source of demand as soil amendment application is a continuous process.