Save time and reduce your bottom line.

CTS Civil Services

CTS Civil provides our clients with total services for balanced, sustainable sites. We offer planning, site reclamation, materials processing, and site construction services.

Site Material Planning:

  • Review of the overall project design
  • Potential material generation quantity estimating
  • Material re-use applications to eliminate hauls
  • Reduce fossil fuels emissions
  • Generate cost savings

Site Preparation:

  • Clear and grub
  • Vegetation relocation and preservation
  • Bluestake and utilities coordination

Civil Construction:

  • Earthwork
  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Site balancing
  • On-site materials re-use
  • Irrigation infrastructure
  • Culverts and pipeline construction
  • Site reclamation
  • Dust control

On-site Materials Processing:

Unlike many waste removal services, CTS reviews all materials to maximize beneficial output to enhance your project and reduce your bottom line. We provide the following services on your construction site:

  • Sort all materials
  • Separate contaminants
  • Organize by material class
  • Select material for re-use
  • Minimize disposal costs
  • Divert useable material from entering our landfills
  • Produce custom product to specification
    • Mulch
    • Compost
    • Variable sizing
    • Soil stabilizer
    • Ground cover
    • Rebuild topsoil in cut areas


  • Mechanical thinning
  • Rangeland restoration
  • Large scale tree removal