Local. Natural. Sustainable.

CTS Greenwaste Recycling is able to take in organic waste that other green waste operations cannot handle and creates a bio-rich soil amendment saving time and expense for our customers and keeps these materials from burdening our landfills across the state of Arizona.

CTS Civil can minimize site disposal costs with our ability to review and process cleared materials for use on site as mulch, compost, soil stabilizer, ground cover and fill instead of disposing it only to have to then purchase these amendments from another source.

Perry Land & Cattle is our high quality beef cattle that is raised on crops grown from our sustainable mulch!

CTS Greenwaste Recycling

Arizona’s ideal soil solution,
from green waste to green crops.
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CTS Civil

Civil site planning, reclamation,
and materials processing.
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Perry Land & Cattle

Learn about the Arizona
raised on CTS crops.
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From green waste to green crops.

CTS Greenwaste Recycling is a new type of responsible farming operation based in south Chandler,
devoted to bringing our traditional agricultural heritage into the modern era of environmental
stewardship and protecting the local ecology.